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Beaver sleepover information

20 February 2015


The Beaver Sleepovers take place soon – please check your kit lists, complete the health and consent forms to return to this week’s meeting, and be ready for some fun!

Our first sleepover is Friday 27th – Saturday 28th February, followed by the second one from Saturday 28th February – Sunday 1st March.


One addition to the published kit list – if your Beaver has a camp blanket, please bring it along. Any blanket will do – or you can buy a specially made one at the West Leeds Scout Shop! Beavers can add souvenir badges and event badges to their camp blanket, and as they move to Cubs, and then Scouts, all the badges from their previous sections can be added as a reminder of their Scouting history. Starting a camp blanket is part of the Camp Craft badge!


Beavers need to arrive at the site at 6.30pm. There is a speed limit and a one-way system on the site – please observe. Please make your way to the Ashton Centre – straight ahead of you beyond the car park.

Any questions – we will have a word with parents at the end of Beavers this week, but do text or email if there is anything else you need to ask!