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The hidden support that makes it all tick…

No Scout Group can be successful without a team of adults working to provide the best facility possible.  The 10th Airedale Scout Group is no different. We do our best to look after our adult team because we value their presence and we know how difficult things can get without their support.

The first level is as an Occassional Helper (OC), This is where  adults are prepared to go on a rota so that they can assist on section nights, or perhaps come along on camp, or “away” visits. All that is required is the completion of a CRB form and our own OC Form.

For those who help more frequently, we ask that they complete an Adult Application Form (AA). This allows the Scout Association to carry out a few additional checks of its own, above and beyond CRB. This is all in the name of protecting young people.

For a regular role such as a Skills Helper or Sectional Helper we ask that the AA is completed and the candidate meets with the Appointments Advisory Committee – which is a formatted, but informal chat to make sure that you know what is expected of you, or indeed that you actually are doing the right thing. You will have to complete some basic training for these roles – which can be done on your PC at home.

The next step up is as a Leader, this is the Full Monty, in addition to the Appointments Sub Committee interview, you will meet with a Training advisor who helps formulate a training programme to suit your needs.

From here on in you can do as much or as little as you like. All Leader training is provided free of charge, but if someone wishes to undertake Activity training here we try to subsidise, but do seek some contribution from the candidate.

Leaders in our District have trained as Archery Instructors, Kayak and Canoe coaches, climbers, hillwalkers… what do you fancy having a go at?

To apply to join speak to any section leader, or use our Joining Form