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Thursday Cub Pack
Friday Cub Pack

The following is a message from our Cubs:

“What do you do from 6.30pm to 8.00pm on a Thursday or Friday night?

Nearly 40 young people (boys and girls) join us on Thursday and Friday Cubs for a fun packed programme of physical and team activities indoors and outside. During the last few months we have been swimming, done some athletic challenges and some artistic challenges. All these activities earn us badges which you can see on our sleeves and chests and these add up to further challenges. We don’t sit in doing test work lots of our games are about learning to work as teams where everyone’s strengths and weaknesses  make the team stronger than 1 person can be. We learn new skills, at Christmas we painted china mugs with cool decorations that then got fired so we could take them homes (full of sweets).  We have been baking buns, tossing pancakes, BBQ’ing on a bonfire then playing poison ivy and football. We are going on camp in July which will be weekend away with our friends, lots to do, lots to see and no parents! So if you are free on a Thursday or Friday then come along and try it – it is really cool!”